4 Bolt Avenue
Tel: 021 001 3565

Payment: Cash/credit cards

Monday to Friday: 8.00-4.00
Saturday: 9.00-1.00


This attractive, modern-looking shop on the corner of Bolt Avenue and Montague Drive has been thoughtfully set out, making it easy to find what you need. Each section is well defined and the product range includes sauces, spices, casings, packaging and accessories and more. They supply the needs of a variety of customers, including farmers, hunters, caters and small businesses, This is a great shop to visit if you are planning to make your own sausages, as you will find all you require, from the spices and casings to the actual sausage machines, Likewise, for those wanting to make biltong, dra sausage or burgers, there is a good range of spices to choose from, and even hamburger discs for separating patties when packing, They also have a wide selection of ready-made marinades and sauces, Other items on sale include batter and pancake mixes, cheesecake powders, soup and gravy mixes, soy protein granules, and way too many more to list! At the front of the shop you will find braai equipment and very professional butcher knifes. Friendly service, well worth a visit especially if you need to cook in bulk. Branch in Somerset West.