What our readers’ have to say about the book

Your book has saved me hundreds of rands over the years… keep up the good work!

I have been extremely impressed with your book and have been recommending it to all my friends, as I have picked up many bargains to date.

…your books are indeed a lifesaver to many working moms.

The A-Z really helped me to clothe our family and bedrooms tastefully but inexpensively.

Thank you so much for your wonderful book. I am an avid factory shopper and have absolute joy in finding out that there are new shops that have opened.

I am now a regular shopper at most of these factory shops and find bargains galore for my family.

For the past ten years my two daughters and I have spent endless pleasurable hours of shopping with your book as our guide and companion.

I bought your book about 6 months ago and absolutely love it!!

You are a girl’s best friend!

I love your website, I have been looking for a directory and thrilled you have this already!

Thank you very much for the Newsletter! It's the first time I have received it and like your book (which I have bought since the first edition - I find the info very valuable.

I never knew that your factory book existed and I only discovered it when I was browsing through the books at CNA bookstore. Can you imagine my delight when I read through it! Thank you for the updates, which I received via email with regard to the changes on the necessary pages, what a good idea! I was a bit worried about some factory shops moving away, and looking for them unnecessarily, so your updates save me a lot.

I have three beautiful teenage daughters who naturally love shopping for clothes. Can you picture their faces when they see all the clothing and at bargain prices! Thank you Pam for a well-structured, very informative and very useful book, I do not have to tell you how I am enjoying the bargains at these factory shops; well worth buying your book and making my money stretch much further!